Changed Wi-Fi Password/Wi-Fi Name/Router




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    I think it is completely ridiculous that you cannot change your Wifi password without removing the doorbell from the wall and reprogramming.  Very aggravating.

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    iseeBell Support

    Totally understand your frustration, but keep in mind that the only connection between your doorbell and your phone is the wifi connection (via a router to the server) and the only way to have the doorbell connect to the Internet is through your phone. Once you have changed the wifi password, the connection will get broken. Thus you need to re-create a connection between your phone and your device, that's when you need to let the doorbell know that, ok, we are going to connect you to the internet. Only by pressing the setup button on the back will let the doorbell know that. And that's why you need to take it off from the wall. 

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